Veco by Eurolink - January 2020 Newsletter

Veco by Eurolink - January 2020 Newsletter

Well, that went quickly!

With the festive period well and truly behind us, we look ahead to a year which promises to see a return to normality post election and the pending 'B-word'......fingers crossed hey?!......

There's a lot to look forward to this year in terms of sporting events like Rugby Six Nations (February & March), Euro 2020 Football Tournament (June & July) and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo (July - September) all of which will no doubt bring the country together again whilst we cheer on the relevant GB and England teams eager for success  in each event (hopefully).

At Veco by Eurolink we will enter our 30th year of trading during 2020. As we look back on what we've achieved and prepare for the celebrations, its incredible to see just how the property industry has evolved. From the days of registering applicant details on record cards to photocopying property particulars on gigantic pieces of machinery that resemble a modern day JCB lorry at the back of the office. We are now in a place where investment in technology is at the forefront of most agencies current and future growth plans. With so many newly launched and precise problem-solving solutions out there, it can be quite challenging deciding on services and products are the right fit for you, what work and what give you the ROI you envisage; can you over tech yourself? 

The industry has seen a number of online agents and so-called disruptors come and go, with those who remain operating within a much smaller market share than any of their original business plans (and investors) envisaged. The full-service agent has survived the high street which is no small feat in itself,  it's clear therefore that the basic principles of estate agency remain; 'People and Property' and all the high quality customer service in between. It's essential to have an efficient property software system like Veco (had to do it) to support your people and operations, forming the foundation of your business and allowing your colleagues the freedom to go out there to prospect new opportunities and find people new homes.

Even though we have big, innovative plans for the near future, which we are very much look forward to sharing with you all when the time comes, we still keep these basic principles in mind when guiding and supporting our the basics exceptionally well...

Good luck for the start of 2020 everyone!

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